Janet Leonard

My name is Janet Leonard and I have worked in some capacity or other in theoretical linguistics, language documentation, and revitalization of Salish languages since 2004. I have recently graduated with a PhD from the University of Victoria (UVic). My dissertation is a theoretically informed description and analysis of how vowels pattern in SENĆOŦEN (North Straits Salish.). I also wrote an MA thesis (later published in the Northwest Journal of Linguistics) about the language’s system of stress assignment. One contribution of my doctoral research is that it provides insight into learner pronunciation. Currently, I collaborate and consult on ongoing projects that are investigating ways in which linguistic analysis of sound patterns can inform learner pronunciation in several Salish languages. I have also been involved in many projects having to do with language documentation and revitalization where I have been tasked with curriculum design, project coordination and liaising, dictionary entry editing, linguistic fieldwork. Currently, I am writing up some parts of my dissertation for future publication and working on ways to make the findings within useable to language learning contexts. In my spare time, I enjoy walking (rambling), gardening and drawing. I am keen to learn more and hear about the language projects that you are working on. If you would like to find out more about my research focus and how it might fit with your needs, please email me at jleonard@uvic.ca.